Panelized Homes – Way Beyond Prefab Homes

It seems like “prefab” has had a bit of a bad reputation in the past.  Many will think of poorly fitting homes devoid of charm or style.  But American Post and Beam™ is breathing new life into the prefab world with its own take on prefabricated homes and panelized homes.

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The Blue Hill Bay Post and Beam Great RoomCan prefabricated homes look and feel luxurious?

If done correctly, the answer is an emphatic ‘yes‘. With our extensive pre-cutting and prefabricating process not only do our post and beam panelized homes arrive on your site ready for assembly, but each home has been manufactured to the highest quality standards by true craftsmen.

The post and beam frame is completely pre-cut for less on-site waste, a precise fit, and faster construction times.  The wall panels, made in our own manufacturing facilities, will be made to the exact dimensions.  All of the windows will come pre-installed.  That means that when the pre-cut frame is put together, our highly energy-efficient wall panels can be put in place in a matter of days.

It all adds up to yield a panelized home that is truly unique in how quickly it can be built, how well it is made, and how fine it is to live in.

Simply put, our prefabrication process produces custom homes far superior to other panelized homes.

We recognize that prefabricated and panelized homes are only as good as the materials used in fabrication, the extent of the work done under factory controlled conditions, and the attention to detail and commitment to quality.  That is why our post and beam frames are cut from only the highest grade Douglas fir, Select Structural, not the “number one” grade commonly used by other companies.

The standard windows we use are only the highest quality premium selections – Marvin, Eagle, Integrity and Andersen.  We also can fulfill special requests for other windows our clients may want to use.  Because unlike other companies that offer panelized homes, we build truly custom homes.  That means our clients have the absolute say in everything that goes in to their home.

In conclusion, our clients’ homes are built faster, with higher quality, more energy-efficiency, more customization and more character than any other panelized home on the market.

Panelized Home Construction

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